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Jim Goforth Horror

Jim Goforth is a horror author currently based in Holbrook, Australia. Happily married with two kids and a cat he has been writing tales of horror since the early nineties. After years of detouring into working with the worldwide extreme metal community and writing reviews for hundreds of bands across the globe with Black Belle Music he has returned to his biggest writing love with first book Plebs published by J. Ellington Ashton Press. Jim also has a couple of collaborations due out later this year, involving other notable authors, and will also appear in the heavy metal horror themed anthology Axes of Evil coming in April from Chupa Cabra House. At present Jim is working on a host of full length novels and a handful of short stories with a variety of ideas for anthologies in the work. http://jimgoforthhorrorauthor.wordpre... https://www.facebook.com/JimGoforthHo... https://twitter.com/jim_goforth http://www.jellingtonashton.com/

'Laymonesque, however, in terms of sex, gore, nudity, violence, bloodspatter and subhuman atrocities? Okay, well then, this book has gotcha covered, in plenty of vivid up-close-and-personal detail!'

'This work is visually explicit, full of horror and carnage. And not for the fainthearted. The setting of the characters and scenery takes off right from the outset...
The storyline is original, the writing style compelling and the characters realistic. Plot twists within plot twists. Mayhem and murder. Blood and guts. Just don’t read it when the wind is howling and there is no moonlight…'

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